Hip and Groin pain


Hip and groin pain could be very difficult to diagnose due to the complex anatomy of the region. The pain could be originating from one or more of the following structures and there is usually a delay in presentation which makes it more difficult in some cases.

1. Hip joint and capsule (osteoarthritis, femoro-acetabular impingement, fracture, inflammation and infection)

2. The labrum (lip of the socket (acetabulum): labral tears and cysts

3. The hip flexor muscles and tendons : muscle tears, tendinopathy, infection or inflammation of bursa

4. The adductor Tendons: muscle tears, tendinopathy

5. Inguinal canal: hernia, tears

6. Pelvic or abdominal organs: referred pain from internal organs

7. Lumbo-sacaral spine- referred pain from the back due to nerve entrapment

Diagnosis and treatment:

Detailed history the current injury and of previous injuries along with medical history is very important in establishing a working diagnosis in hip and groin pain.

The following investigations might be required to further evaluate the problem:

1. X-ray

2. MRI / CT scan

3. Electrophysiology (Nerve Conduction Study and EMG)

4. Blood tests

A dedicated rehabilitation program is essential and is the mainstay treatment in hip and groin related disorders. The recovery could be aided by interventional procedures such as steroid/hyaluronic acid or PRP injections. Occasionally a surgical opinion would be required particularly of all conservative measures fail.